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SERMON – The Pearl Without Price

Ephesians 1:1-14

‘The Kingdom of Heaven is like … a Pearl without Price’ – (Matt 13: 45–46)

The mystery and glory of the gospel shine out!

Ephesians is an uplifting letter written in AD61-2 to churches in Asia Minor that Paul had helped establish years before.  Its first three chapters are about the essentials of Christian doctrine or what we believe, focusing on the riches of what we inherit in Jesus and the importance of being united about this.  The next three chapters are packed with guidance about how we should lead a Christian life together and guard against evil.

  • What was the apparent situation of the world of the Ephesians?

What answers were there to Poverty, Calamity, and Death?

  • What was the real situation? Fear and apathy concerning no future heavenly inheritance.

Ephesians 1:1-14 shows how the ‘priceless pearl’ of our Kingdom inheritance shines out in this darkness.

We need to ask the Spirit to reveal this to us in all its glorious fullness.

V1-2  Greeting – reveals a faithful audience warmed by their membership of a most wonderful Royal

Family of God. It is characterised by? …

V3 – 4 THREE GREAT BLESSINGS: the three Gs!

  1. GRIP of God’s election and predestination. What does this mean for me?
  2. GRACE – most amazing – that has adopted me into His Kingdom.
  3. GROWTH – “Lavished on US” – a kingdom of like believers all bearing fruit together.



  1. REDEMPTION (7-10) – a superb plan where the seemingly impossible has been achieved.
  2. INHERITANCE (11-12) – the pearl without price. What exactly is it?
  3. SEAL OF THE SPIRIT (13-14) – the here and now of our delicious down payment.

The society of the Ephesians is similar in many ways to ours so…

How should I say ‘Thank you’ for my salvation and go on through life praising our Lord for all His Blessings? (V 6 & 12)

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