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SERMON – Malachi

Authentic Vs Fake Worship Setting The Scene – The Persian Version A series of questions and conversations between God and His People Questioning – God’s Love – God’s Reliability – God’s Justice The Role Of Remembering The Role Of Looking Forward The True Heart of Worship

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SERMON – Zechariah

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SERMON – Hosea

Today we begin ‘The Day of the Lord – a series on the Minor Prophets’. Jim kicks off the series with Hosea. The God who is faithful to the faithless Israel, the prostitute wife The call to repent Buying back his wife The God who has compassion

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SERMON – God’s Terrible Just Judgment

Jim speaks on Revelation 15-16 and God’s just and terrible judgment.

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SERMON – The Worthiness of the Lord and the Lamb

Come and see God in His throne room, as Jim takes us through Revelation 4 & 5.

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SERMON – The Revelation of Jesus Christ

What is your image of Jesus? Jim shows us the Jesus we don’t often see – the Jesus in the book of Revelation.

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SERMON – The Joy of Worship

Chris Conyers final sermon with us here at Narellan Anglican, speaking on Deuteronomy 12.

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