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SERMON – Zephaniah

The great and terrible Day of the Lord (Zephaniah) Cosmic Judgment (chapter 1) A call to repent (2:1-3) Judgment on the enemies of God’s people (2:4-15) Woe to God’s people who will not accept correction (3:1-8) Restoration and renewal of God’s people (3:9-20)

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SERMON – Habakkuk

Habakkuk How can God tolerate evil? (Ch 1) God’s judgment on evil (Ch 2) Waiting for the day of distress (Ch 3)

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SERMON – Nahum, More Than You Think

Nahum – More than you think Introduction Historical Context The Full Character of God What Does it Mean For Me?  

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SERMON – Micah

Micah – Who is like the Lord? The sins of the people (Micah 1-2) Judgment for sin (Micah 3) Renewal through the Messiah (Micah 4-5) True Worship (Micah 6) Who is like our Lord? (Micah 7)

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SERMON – The Compassion of God (Jonah)

The Compassion of God A reluctant prophet (Jonah 1-2) The people believed God (Jonah 3) The anger of Jonah and the compassion of God (Jonah 4)

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SERMON – Our Morality Matters (Amos)

Our Morality matters (Amos) God judges the moral failings of the nations … but especially the moral failings of his chosen people The Day of the Lord and visions of judgment Our place in the remnant

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SERMON – Remaining in Christ

Be encouraged and challenged as Jim speaks on 1 John 3 Remaining in Christ We are the children of God So we do not sin As children of God, we love one another

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SERMON – How Can We Be Sure?

How can we be sure we have eternal life? Listen as Jim explains from 1 John 2.

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SERMON – We Have Seen Eternal Life

Welcome to our Summer Sermon Series on 1 John. Jim kicks it off with chapter 1.

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SERMON – Psalm 3

A quick break from Revelation – Jim speaks on Psalm 3 in the S@5 Service.

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