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Sunday 30 August 2020

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SERMON – Psalm 73

My Favourite Psalm and how it points to Jesus (Jim Douglass) God is indeed good … but why is he punishing me? … but why do the wicked prosper? Perspective. The slope to ruin. Perspective. The Lord God is our refuge.

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SERMON – Accident or Plan?

Accident or Plan? (1 John 1:1-14)

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SERMON – The Compassion of God (Jonah)

The Compassion of God A reluctant prophet (Jonah 1-2) The people believed God (Jonah 3) The anger of Jonah and the compassion of God (Jonah 4)

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SERMON – Obadiah

Obadiah may be the shortest book in the Old Testament, but it has a big message! God knows | God sees | God promises | God delivers

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SERMON – Hosea

Today we begin ‘The Day of the Lord – a series on the Minor Prophets’. Jim kicks off the series with Hosea. The God who is faithful to the faithless Israel, the prostitute wife The call to repent Buying back his wife The God who has compassion

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SERMON – Easter Sunday

What are you building your life on? Jim speaks on Matthew 7:24-29

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SERMON – Do Not Worry

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SERMON – We Have Seen Eternal Life

Welcome to our Summer Sermon Series on 1 John. Jim kicks it off with chapter 1.

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SERMON – The New City, the New Earth

David Mansfield finishes off our series in Revelation speaking on chapters 21-22

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